Service Center


Technical assistance for computers and servers

Our specialists, always up to date on new technologies, are able to take charge of complex infrastructures, analyse and re-engineer them, conforming to the international best practices, as shown by the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Infoteam Service is also Fujitsu Authorized Service Center.

Our services can vary according to your needs:

1. Internal Laboratory
The laboratory in our headquarters is fully equipped for the specific hardware and software support to a single computer or to the most complex server systems.

2. Remote support service

Technical support via telephone
Skilled specialists are available to provide remote support to our customers in performing recovery actions to restore the technical functions, where possible, or to plan an on-site support.

Technical Support via online system
Remote technical support can be delivered over and completed via an online system: a professional technician will connect using special remote control technologies and will solve the technical problem.

3. On-site technical support service
We support our customers at their premises. The hardware/software support for system implementation and maintenance is provided by the internal staff or by highly skilled freelancers, depending on the situation.



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