Stema: the platform to manage Central Purchasing Bodies

The online system compliant with the procurement legislation

STEMA is a platform allowing institutions to carry out open, limited and negotiated tender procedures entirely processed online for the appointment of supplies, services, public works and planning.

The system is specifically designed for Central Purchasing Bodies.

It is a structured  web portal compliant with the current online procurement legislation. Management tables are provided for the different functions in order to organize information and make the search and the classification easier. STEMA is available on a web platform, which allows users easy access, update and usability through the most popular mobile devices.

STEMA is compliant with the Italian Code of Public Contracts and the applicable requirements, having procedures and solutions that prevent changes on documents, on the system recordings and other online actions and operations. The activities and operations performed inside the purchase online system are allocated to the subjects through access codes, under Art. 1, first paragraph, point  uter), Legislative Decree n. 82 of 7 March 2005 (“Digital Administration Code”) and shall be deemed performed on the time and day recorded by the system. The system recordings are performed and stored following Art. 43 of the abovementioned decree.


Key advantages

  • User-friendly
  • Complete data control
  • Compliant with the current rules
  • Scalability 
  • Reliability
  • Web-based

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