Virtualization and cloud computing


The solutions to create virtualized infrastructures

Virtualization combines a set of techniques applied to a single or to a cluster of physical components, aimed at providing its users virtual resources, i.e. an abstraction of computational resources (CPU, memory, disks, I / O, etc.).

Server Virtualization. Bare-metal solution in which the functions of the host operating system, no more present, are performed by the hypervisor, a layer that maps the physical resources enabling the creation and management of virtual resources (virtual machine).
We propose verified solutions based on Fujitsu, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer, as a result of our certifications and partnerships.

Storage Virtualization. Through the abstraction (separation) of the logical resources (partition) from the physical ones, you can access and manage the data storage independently from physical equipment included in heterogeneous structures.
We propose solutions related to international market leader brands including Fujitsu, NetApp and VMware.

Network Virtualization. It consists in a combination of network resources (hardware and software) and capabilities in a unified software-based administrative entity.
We offer verified solutions based on Cisco and Brocade.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). A powerful desktop virtualization model that combines fully customizable desktops with the simplicity and security of a centralized management. This architecture allows the execution of a desktop environment inside a virtual machine on datacenter resources. We propose verified solutions based on Fujitsu and VMware Horizon as a result of our certifications and partnerships.

Cloud computing. A simple idea that can have a huge economic and organizational impact and can considerably improve the performance of your IT systems. In this scenario, the hardware and the features provided by the software services reside on a cloud server over the web, rather than residing locally.
We offer verified solutions based on Fujitsu.

Key advantages

  • Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Integration
  • Reliability


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