Video surveillance systems


Flexible and scalable solutions for professional video surveillance and remote monitoring

We launched an important professional investment on video surveillance systems, specializing in the analysis, installation and implementation of projects intended to provide a preventive and active control action. Our customers are private companies, but also public institutions interested in urban video surveillance systems.

The systems are based on the implementation of a wireless WAN network able to connect single video cameras with the operations centers. The video data flow is transmitted from the data source (cameras), through intermediate nodes, to the recording and monitoring equipment. The intermediate systems are structured to guarantee the necessary optical and electromagnetic visibility for every transmission; in this way, we can exploit available broadband for a real-time visualization of all cameras. The cameras can monitor and display remotely and it is also possible to record in continuous shooting mode without operator intervention, while the cameras work in guard-tour mode, which means they move in a sort of constant recorded patrol. All functions can be programmed according to fixed times and days or on a continuous basis.

Technical features
The solutions include a system of IP cameras located in fixed focal points of the area with the possibility to control movement and zoom, in order to cover large areas with a few installations. With regard to the technological equipment (cameras, videoservers, communication devices producers) Go Infoteam focused on AXIS, world market leader. Axis ensures high reliability and performance standards combined with a good cost-effectiveness.

Key advantages

  • Complete reduction of image transmission costs, thanks to the implementation of wireless networks connecting the monitored areas to the operations center.
  • Drastic reduction of the system management and operating costs, thanks to the very high MTBF standards of the equipment and to the high performance of the remote control virtualized systems.



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