Email management


The best open source software for the management of email and calendar with a strong collaborative potential

A mail server is a dedicated system to send and receive email messages. Today the most popular systems are Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange.

Our solutions offer comprehensive functions for the management of email and calendar with the following capabilities:

  • collaborating and sharing inboxes, contacts, calendars and activities in an efficient way
  • sharing schedules and free time through company calendars
  • integrating third-party services such as mashups or applications, thanks to the innovative communication ‘hub'.

Our solutions are not affected by the limits of the web mail services, not accessible online. They are easy to customize and adapt to the needs of any organization; they can also be used with any combination of traditional client and on multiple devices. They allow the management of multiple and social accounts through a single interface. The support for virtualization and the online backup and restore features can also be used as an individual mailbox, ensuring high availability. It is the perfect collaboration platform for the cloud environment.

Other features and platforms
Native push synchronization with Windows Mobile devices, Symbian and Palm without additional server.
Complete solutions with MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), anti-spam, anti-virus, directory, database, migration tools and web administration console.

Technical features
Integration of email, contacts, shared calendar, VoIP, company mashups; creation of documents; desktop client compatibility: IMAP / POP client full support.

Key advantages

  • Intuitive user web/offline experience
  • Advanced search functions, also within the attachments
  • Mobile device support
  • S/MIME protocol for message encryption and digital signature
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOs environments
  • Multiple account management
  • Flexible implementation options


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