The software module for the online management of buildings


With Brainwareweb the apartment complex is 2.0

Brainwareweb is intended as the virtual assistant of the building manager, available 24 hours a day, able to communicate with the residents, publishing the most useful information and answering questions and requests.It will be possible to simply and immediately provide documents of common interest such as minutes, regulations, balance sheets and confidential documents like bank or financial statements or to collect building management fees through online payment by credit card (optional service).
The use of the platform doesn't require specific computer skills in the field of website development. The service is provided within a web page. It is sufficient to have a PC with Internet access and BWEnterprise, the software for the publishing of documents. The activity of building managers will be more organized and their job will benefit in transparency and professionalism.

Technical features
Brainwareweb is fully open source, royalty free and open to future integrations with other modules and it is designed using MySQL database. As web-based application, it enables portability across all popular operating environments.

Key advantages

  • Immediacy
  • User-friendliness
  • Savings in time and money


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