SINOPE, a web application for the management of European project offices

A web application to catalogue Community fundings, search feasibility and manage project proposals.

The project stems from the need to respond to the demands of sustainable development and efficiency and to pursue strategic goals against a decrease in the available financial resources. Local authorities, in order to implement the services and infrastructures necessary to the development of their area and community, are forced to find other forms of financial resources, such as the European fundings.

SINOPE is available for any European project office involved in attracting national and European financial resources in order to reach a synergistic use of structural and sectoral funds.

The general goal of an institution choosing to adopt SINOPE for its European project office is to develop in its area a governance able to start dynamic and participatory processes aimed at implementing medium to long-term strategies.

SINOPE is a simple, but well organized instrument, that will provide information about the European financing and will carry out collection, analysis, research and overview of the information coming from the European Community or from other public institutions and regional authorities.

It is able to manage direct funding, to identify co-financing opportunities and to screen project proposals coming from local SMEs and from different stakeholders. It can also find qualified partnerships and facilitate participation in functional networks. The project office will improve access to Community financing in the following fields: welfare policies, culture and tourism, education and sport, active citizenship, research and innovation, environment, urban and regional policy.

Key advantages

  • Access with the most popular browsers through user credentials;
  • Screening of Community, national and regional financing;
  • Management of project proposals;
  • Feasibility research about  the project proposals



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