Libra - Management software for Agri-food Centers

agri-food center management software

Integrated management system for Agri-food Centers

The integrated system LIBRA is able to manage the different modules and needs of market operators through a single interface:

  • Accounting
  • Access control
  • Price recording
  • Goods recording
  • Logistics
  • Diffusion of information 
  • Allocation of common costs
  • Online auction

LIBRA allows the user to launch the modules separately and according to the configured user permission level.

Technical features
The different modules are designed using different development environments, but referring to a common database in order to ensure a disambiguous data management. Passepartout Mexal was used with regard to the accounting area and to the database; the access control is managed through a tailored system based on programmable logic boards while an application in Visual Basic checks the operators database and the authorizations for transit. The diffusion of information, the logistics management, the access statistics and the allocation of common costs are developed through ASP and PHP. Mexan and MySQL manage the databases, allowing to interface with external systems in order to share information on goods and prices. A very user-friendly web application for PDA collects the prices and controls the stallage, working wirelessly in the market area. The toll collection takes place through a pre-paid transponder card linked to the database.

Key advantages

  • Tried and tested structure of the management software Passepartout 
  • High customization level
  • High integration among the different environments of development and use 
  • Ability to meet the real management needs
  • User-friendliness


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