InRiMa - Information Risk Management Software


Go Infoteam’s response to risk management

InRiMa -Information Risk Management is the tool designed by Go Infoteam to meet the growing demand for the integration of the issues related to Information Security and to Risk Management. The novelty of the organizational framework developed by the experts of the Consulting Area consists of a unique application, able to manage compliance with current legislation and to be updated on the evolution of the requirements through simple configurations.

The system, divided into application modules related to the same framework, enables the management of all Information Security issues concerning laws and international standards, in both public and private sectors. The system core is made of specific modules for the management of compliances relating to the D. Lgs. 82/2005 - E-Government Code (a body of rules that governs the use of IT as a major instrument in the relations between the Italian government and the citizens of the state), the legislation concerning the processing of personal data, (D.Lgs.196/03 and General Data Protection Regulation), the D. Lgs 231/01 concerning the computer-related crime offences. This system complies with the ISO standards specific of the area and can be the basis to achieve future certifications issued by accredited institutions.

Main features

  • Management of delivery processes, Business Continuity, Information Security and Asset Management
  • Operational features concerning planning, monitoring and reporting for business intelligence
  • Modular and complete risk management process
  • Management of the security measures and their monitoring, assessment and evolution
  • Complete management of requirements and regulatory compliance and the related documents
  • Access to online documents and forms with different user permission levels
  • Basic features (documents management, event reporting, user permission level management, survey management, etc)

Key advantages

  • High integration level of features intended to identify, analyze, evaluate and manage risk
  • Flexible and integrated approach
  • Adaptability to new contexts

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