GoLog - Log management system

log management software

The system to comply with the latest provisions of the Data Protection Supervisor

Since December 15 2009, most companies - public and private - must collect and store data concerning access to any IT system holding sensitive data, in order to for allow an easy "verification of activity by the owners of databases and IT systems" (G.U. n. 300, December 24, 2008). So, every company must have a log management software able to track the operators access to the different devices and applications and to store data safely for at least six months.

Our solution is GOLog, an open source software that collects and manages logs. The services offered by our consulting team include technical and organizational advice regarding regulation, the identification of the system administrators and of the systems to be monitored, the attribution of user profiles linked to an individual, the analysis and sizing of the servers and of the network devices to be monitored, the possible implementation of a strong authentication system.

Technical features
GOLog is entirely developed on well-established, widespread, open-source platforms, royalty free and open to future integrations with other modules and it is designed using MySQL database. As web-based application, it enables portability across all popular operating environments.

Key advantages

  • Easy to install and ready to use
  • Web-based
  • Portability across all O.S.


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