GOCRMPA – The cloud-based CRM for governance

Citizen Relationship Management software

A cloud-based software for Citizen Relationship Management

GOCRM PA is a significant step for public institutions on the path towards digital processes and administrative simplification. It is a CRM designed to manage the interaction between people and public institutions, enhancing the knowledge of the citizen and his needs on a ‘one to one' basis and providing tailor-made services according to different demands.
Easy to use and to customize, it benefits from an efficient and low-priced maintenance. It is also very user-friendly and ensures a significant reduction in costs and times needed for staff training. It can be integrated with other management systems and it can easily meet the increasing requirements of the public organizations.
The database can include biographical data, public interest data, personal files, electoral rolls, phone numbers and e-mails. It is also possible to export the results of the research to Excel. Other important features of the software concern the automation of the secretarial functions, with a simple and quick management of schedules, telephone calls, registers, invitations, projects and thematic files.

Technical features
GOCRM PA is fully open source, royalty free and open to future integrations with other modules and it is designed using MySQL database. As web-based application, it enables portability across all popular operating environments. The application is offered in SaaS delivery model via a highly available cloud server.

Key advantages

  • User-friendliness
  • Scalability
  • Integration with other management system

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