GO Survey

survey systems, case report form

A powerful survey system designed to collect CRF and specially tailored to the field of health care

Go Survey is a web-based tool allowing the rapid creation of surveys and/or windows for automatic data collection and doesn't require computer skills in programming languages and/or databases.The areas of application are varied: clinical records, CRM for surveys on customers, online tests and forms and more.

The application in the field of health care, such as the production of electronic CRF (Case Report Forms), has many advantages, like the reduction in costs and duration of the clinical trials, the increased efficiency in the management of the trial, the reduction in the number of queries, a more effective control and validation of data, time saving in designing a database to be analysed through data warehousing techniques.

Technical features
Go Survey is fully open source, royalty free and open to future integrations with other modules and it is designed using MySQL database. As a web-based application, it enables portability across all popular operating environments.

Key advantages

  • Easy to install and ready to use
  • Web-based
  • Portability across all O.S.

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