Go Rh- The management system for blood donations

A web application for the management of blood donors and donations in Avis Centers (Italian Association Blood Bank Volunteers)

Go Rh- is the management software designed for the associations of volunteer blood donors. It safely manages the data of donors and donations, provides comprehensive and customizable print reports, export of data, total control of suitability for blood donation, analysis request and different utilities that allow the user to optimize data processing and extraction time.

Main features of Go Rh-

  • Donor management: input, edit, display of data concerning biographical, classification, health and contact details
  • Donor search by surname, name and birth date
  • Management of donor charts by classification
  • Management of external donations
  • Donation management: input, edit, display
  • Donor and contact detail management in order to register the reports on donors/Center
  • Analysis request management
  • Advanced management of printed reports with multiple selection data for the production of customized reports and prints
  • Management of donor merits
  • Exportation of all lists into Excel format
  • Customizable dashboard

Technical features
The system requirements are extremely simple. It is entirely web-based thus available, via the Internet, from any web browser, operating system or device. Go Rh- is cloud-ready, with a user fee.

Key advantages

  • Speed
  • User-friendliness
  • Intuitive web surfing experience
  • Web-based


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