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The revolutionary management of fish markets through electronic auction, also online.

E-fish is a highly innovative solution for the management of wholesale fish market auctions, since it automates the sales operations and also allows the user to attend the auction online.
The system is web-oriented and open source. It gives the authorized users access to a range of information and innovative operations, such as a total seafood traceability - mandatory since January 2006 - automatic weighing, the display of the auctioned seafood with information about the fish vessel, the weight, the species and the real-time label printing. Invoicing and treasury are integrated into the auction system. All this benefits transparency, safety and a total visibility of the product.
Technical features
The hardware supported consists of electronic scales with RS232 serial ports, IP cameras, RS485 serial display, video projector or led TV with HDMI source, remotes controlled via an AF 866MHz central unit connected through RS485 port. E-fish is Linux based (Centos/Fedora) with Apache webserver, MySQL database, PHP management system, Java data entry and control system.

All applications are open source; this gives the system a very good flexibility, versatility and scalability and makes it adaptable to different situations. Thanks to the total autonomy in the management of the source codes, it is possible to implement and to open the E-Fish system to a significant number of fish markets with reasonable additional costs and significant benefits in terms of saving time and resources.

Key advantages

  • Flexibility
  • Versatility
  • Scalability
  • Adaptability to different situations

E-fish is in the CNIPA register as a re-usable solution for public institutions (cod. RIUSO256)

Visit the site www.efish.it

Video of the platform in Pescara Fish Market

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