Caterina - The management software for rehabilitation centers

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Today accounting and management are just … one click away!

Caterina is an advanced tool for the complete management of private hospitals and rehabilitation centers having an agreement with the National Health Service. It is able to improve the procedures in the provision of medical treatments, to reduce the monthly accounting time, to support information sharing within the organization. Information transparency, continuous economic control, efficiency in the processes and friendliness are its distinctive features. The system is modular, because it provides different access profiles, and flexible, because it can adapt to different organizations.
The core of the system is the management of the patient database, of the medical records and of the ICD-9-CM/ICF international classification. The main features, fully integrated with the management control system, include the data control on patient admission, the planning of health services and treatments, the management of NHS authorizations and extensions, as well as the management and accounting of the regional and extra-regional budget.

Technical features
Caterina is fully open source, royalty free and open to future integrations with other modules and it is designed using MySQL database. As a web-based application, it enables portability across all popular operating environments.

Key advantages

  • Speed
  • User-friendliness
  • Flexibility
  • Intuitive web surfing experience
  • Latest programming language


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