Research & Development

Technological innovation as the result of the collaboration with Universities and Research Centers

The Group is constantly looking for new standards to be achieved in order to provide customers with a better and more professional service. For this reason, it cooperates with national and international institutions, companies, company networks and research centers for the development of new technologies.

The participation in Innovation Poles - Go Infoteam is member company of Polo dei Servizi Avanzati (Advanced Services Pole) and Polo della Logistica (Logistics Pole) - reveals the determination to choose a participatory business model, where the synergies with other companies create value for the companies themselves, for the region and for the innovation process of its business sector.

The participation in Primula Enterprise Network confirms the vision of innovation as the result of the dynamic combination of different expertise. In fact, Go Infoteam is the technological partner in the network and cooperates with consulting companies, ranging from designing, to commission, to shared designing. In so doing, research and development may waive the current needs and be oriented to anticipate changes. Furthermore, through the activities related to risk management the Network promotes innovative models and processes of whose needs the market is not yet fully aware.

Convinced that companies depend on innovative investments on research and development in order to be competitive, we invest 3% of the total value of production in these areas. Moreover, one third of the company's staff has a master's degree and we have trademarks and software registered by the Pubblico Registro per il Software (the competent authority for copyright protection). Through requirements of this kind, since 2015 Go Infoteam is listed in the Registro delle Imprese (Register of Companies) as Innovative SME, a new kind of enterprise introduced by Law n. 33, March 24 2015, which aims at enhancing the competitiveness of the national productive fabric and promoting a very extensive diffusion of technological innovation across the economy.


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