A great logo for a great Group


Every year we strengthen our team to respond to any need in an innovative way.

Go Infoteam's naming and logo were born in 1999 in an effort to make a sort of  breakup between the historical, well-established, old IT companies and a new company, started by 30- year-olds willing to innovate, revolutionize, attack the markets.

Today Go Infoteam is a Group: a team with expertise in  different areas to respond to the needs of public and private companies of any size.

We beat the competitors of eighteen years ago and diversified the original business in order to conquer Italian and foreign markets achieving significant goals.

Today, at last, the time has come to confirm all these certainties through an ultimate logo, that, without erasing its origins, embodies Strenght, Elegance, Style and also reaffirms the acquired skills, guarantee of Security and Reliability.

The technical staff, always updated on new technologies, is able to take charge of complex infrastructures, analyze and maintain them on the basis of the international best practices. The ISO 20000-1:2011 certification is the evidence of a service provided according to a SLA set out and agreed with tailor-made contracts.

Through the best infrastructures and technologies, we guarantee the highest safety, reliability and efficiency standards.

To this day more than 60 data centers and 3.000 virtual machines have been designed, with more than 5.600 TeraByte managed.

Thanks to a continued training activity and the years' experience, the Group earned several certifications:

Fujitsu, VMWare, NetApp, Cisco, Veeam, Trend Micro, Fortinet.


Please feel free to contact us for a consultancy without obligation. Our experts will be able to analyze your systems and identify the risk and intervention areas of your company.

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