Abruzzo Impresa asks Infoteam Service for solutions to secure SMEs


The assistance package that secures SMEs


Infoteam Service is part of Infoteam Group and is a centre of excellence with more than 80.000 hours per year of technical interventions for private and public companies not only in Abruzzo.

The technical staff, always updated on new technologies, is able to take charge of complex infrastructures, analyze and maintain them on the basis of the international best practice. The ISO 20000-1:2011 certification is the evidence of a service provided according to a SLA set out and agreed through tailor-made contracts.

The available services  can range from a prompt operator assistance to the total management of IT and complex server systems. They can be integrated wih the following products and services: server virtualization, security, storage and backup, monitoring, technical assistance.

Through the best infrastructures and technologies, we guarantee the highest safety, reliability and efficiency standards. To this day more than 60 data centers and 3.000 virtual machines have been designed, with more than 5.600 TeraByte managed. Thanks to a continued training activity and the years' experience, the Group earned several certifications: Fujitsu, VMWare, NetApp, Cisco, Veeam, Trend Micro, Fortinet.

We are able to configure assistance packages for different organizations including phone help desk or teleassistance, continuous software updates, technical advice, system consulting and proactive monitoring.

In our headquarters we have a laboratory equipped for dedicated hardware and software interventions, spanning from the simple pc to the most complex server systems.

Generic repair (after an in-depth diagnosis) of PC, workstations, notebooks o tablets, both software and hardware.

We can replace any notebook component: memories, hinges, displays, keyboards, connectors, webcams, covers.

First level data recovery: data recovery from broken computers, recovery of deleted files, data recovery from corrupted file systems, data recovery from formatted hard drives, data recovery from HDD USB, memory cards and pen drives.

For more complex organizations an internal technical support is available; it provides a continuous assistance on workstations for short or long periods.  

Attacks on IT systems are now a real risk that can undermine every organization, so Infoteam Service's innovative proposal includes the assistance package with proactive monitoring to ensure that, in case of vulnerability or system error, the technical staff can intervene promptly for the immediate resolution of the problem, even without any notification by the customer.

The following advantages included in the package make all customers safe and secure: regular remote preventive checks, notifications, alerts for possible critical events, reports on the activity performed (daily/weekly/monthly).

With the entry into force of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the implementation of the Circular n.2/2017 of AgID (Agency for Digital Italy), the assistance package with proactive monitoring  can be specifically configured  to ensure the protection of the IT systems, of technological infrastructures of any size and complexity and the security of personal data.

Side by side with Infoteam Service, Go Infoteam is a consulting group able to select various forms of funding for public and private bodies.

Our consultants are available to analyze your IT systems and to configure the most suitable package for your needs. Please feel free to contact us without obligation and ask for a meeting no later than 31th January 2018.


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