One star ++ for the Rating of Legality issued by AGCM (Italian Competition Authority)


Go Infoteam gets the certification and joins the small group of companies included in the AGCM rating

As explained on the website, AGCM (Italian Competition Authority) rating is an instrument that aims at "promoting and introducing principles of ethical conduct into the business context through a reward mechanism - measured in ‘stars' - that shows respect of the law by the companies that request it and, more generally, attention to the proper management of their business".

It is a reward system for the so-called virtuous companies that excel not only from a business perspective, but also because they respect ethical principles in the corporate behavior, ensuring a proper management of the business activity and focusing on the fundamental rights of workers, community, public needs and free competition.

Go Infoteam achieved this goal with the score

AGCM - List of the companies that obtained the rating

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