Go Infoteam becomes Innovative SME


Investments in research and development, a qualified team and intellectual property: our key to technological innovation.

Go Infoteam, parent company, is one of the twentynine companies based in Abruzzo and recognised by the Italian Government  as an Innovative SME.

In Go Infoteam we believe that companies depend on innovative investments on research and human resources specialization in order to be competitive. For this reason, we invest  3% of the total value of production in research and development, one third of the company’s staff has a master’s degree and we have trademarks and software registered by the Pubblico Registro per il Software (the competent authority for copyright protection). 


Through requirements of this kind, since 2015 Go Infoteam is listed in the Registro delle Imprese (Register of Enterprises) as Innovative SME, a new kind of enterprise introduced by Law n. 33, March 24 2015, which aims at enhancing competitiveness of the national productive system and promoting a very extensive diffusion of technological innovation across the economy. 

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