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We plan pay per click campaigns. You pay only when a viewer clicks your ad!

Among the web marketing solutions one of the best strategies to follow is the search engine marketing in pay per click circuits and Google AdWords advertising solutions, one of Go Infoteam's specialist areas.

Keyword Advertising and Pay per Click
Keyword Advertising is a form of online advertising, born in conjunction with search engines. When a user makes an online search, the engine provides a set of results; at the same time some paid ads are displayed, whose content matches the searched words. One the most popular forms of pay-per-click campaigns on Google is Google AdWords. The advertising is extremely effective, because it addresses the specific target group interested in that kind of product/service in that precise moment. Moreover:

  • the approach is less intrusive than more traditional tools, thus more accepted
  • it has very effective control instruments which gauge the return on investment, because it monitors how many users conclude the action (e.g., e-commerce purchase)
  • the effectiveness can be optimized in real time
  • it is possible to decide how much to spend, choosing a daily budget and the maximum cost per click

But, most of all, you only pay if an user actually clicks on your ad (Pay per Click, precisely) and visits your website. In other words, you only pay if and when your ads achieve the results through the pay per click marketing tool.


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