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There are currently many legal requirements, which must be adhered to if a company owns a web site. Go Infoteam helps you to find your way through the jungle of laws and to avoid heavy fines.

Go Infoteam can design and build accessible web portals for companies and public institutions, conforming to laws, especially the ones related to data protection. By way of example:

Community Law 2008: obligation to publish the informative report in acts, correspondence, websites.
Following the entry into force - July 29, 2009 - of art. 42, Community Law 2008 (Law n. 88, July 7 2009), websites need to display the company information i.e. headquarters, registered number, trade association, capital. Moreover, a company may choose to display acts in other languages of the European Community in the trade association register. Non-compliant companies risk heavy fines.

Privacy Policy, the so called Data Protection Act
The matter is governed by Law n. 196 June 30, 2003 and regulates the requirements on disclosures, consent, and the sharing processing and storage of personal data. In the case of websites it involves, for example, mailing lists, newsletters, geolocalization, social networks and external platforms, web stats and e-commerce. According to the Code those who wish to collect personal information must provide the users in advance with information in order to exercise their rights. Fines can run between € 6.000 and € 36.000.

Data Protection Supervisor Measure (G.U. 08/05/2014): data protection in the field of electronic communications
Cookies are small text files sent from a website to the user's computer, where they are stored and are sent back when the user surfs that website again. They are often used to create user profiles for advertising purposes tailored to a particular user. In order to safeguard privacy, the law requires that, when a user accesses a website, he must be informed through a clickable banner. Clicking the banner, he consents to store a cookie on his device. Since June 3 2015, the websites that do not display this information risk fines from € 10.000 upwards.

Legislative Decree "Transparency" for Public Institutions
The situation of public institutions is even more complex. Since April 20 2013 the Legislative Decree n. 33/2013 has come into effect. It requires that public institutions publish, in a dedicated section of their sites, information concerning the procedures relating to the award of public works, services and supplies, consultancies and contracts; the acts concerning the local administration; the documents on urban development processes; data related to the organization of offices, budget, declaration of assets belonging to political organizations. Moreover, in case of natural disasters, the publication of urgent and extraordinary legislative proposals is also required.

These are only some of the most important requirements and each situation is clearly different and needs a careful analysis before planning any future step. You can ask for a free consultancy in order to assess the necessary measures to comply.



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