Development of Android mobile apps


We are experienced Google Android developers and build native apps for smartphone and tablet

Over the last few years mobile devices are an integral part of everyday life. As early as February 2014 mobile users exceeded desktop users, as shown by the data collected by comScore.

In addition to the development of mobile-first responsive websites, Go Infoteam specializes in the development of apps for iOS and Android devices. Our apps are perfectly integrated into the existing portals and solutions and thanks to their web counterpart they can be also used from a desktop.

Before building any application we check the producer's dashboards, study the different operating systems and analyze the versions in use, considering trends and future updates, thus laying the foundations for a solid user experience.

Google provides a monthly report on Android distribution, available on the web page The data relates to the devices used in the Google Play. At the moment our apps ensure more than 90% compatibility between Android tablets and smartphones.

The user interface is studied and built focusing on the latest design solutions and complying with the producer's guidelines for a simple and intuitive performance, which maximizes the user's experience. In addition to distribution, we also analyze the most used displays, in order to provide an experience optimized for most users. The user feedback is excellent and our apps in the stores have hundreds of installations with positive reviews.

Along with "public" apps on Google Play Store, we develop ‘ad hoc' solutions. One of them is part of the WiBus Project, where ten tablets are installed inside long and short-distance buses in order to allow passengers to access the network on the vehicle. Another example is the app "Vinci con Wind" (Win with Wind), used by a store in Rimini to enhance activity and promotions of the shop.


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