IT Consulting

An integrated approach to risk management

Go Infoteam offers a broad range of consultancy services able to meet the most elaborate needs and to manage complex issues related to Information Security in private and public sectors, such as Risk Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Asset Management, Personal Data Protection (Privacy) and computer crime.

Our team, engaged in the research and development of increasingly suitable methods for the current context and forthcoming regulations, supports the customers in the management, maintenance, auditing and improvement of the existing organizational and technical systems.

In order to ensure a homogeneous approach to the different areas of Information Security with reference to the mentioned issued, our consultants designed a special framework and developed dedicated tools (INRIMA - Information Risk Management Software). This approach ensures a comprehensive information base for business intelligence, through an integrated management of risk and a complete governance of the data flow, of the organizations and of the related technological infrastructures.

Spanning the full range of expertise, we are able to design and carry out projects based on a top-down approach, in the event of new developments, or bottom-up, in the event of the upgrading of existing infrastructures. This activity includes also the technical design, the identification of the best architectures and solutions, the consultancy in the management of the information infrastructures, the technical and organizational training and allows Go Infoteam to support its customers in focusing their efforts on the optimization of the available resources, meeting the needs of the reference scenario.


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